Analysts, designers and programmers

Committed to their technological projects.
We program what you are thinking

We detail the requirement in detail to understand the need of your company. After the analysis we make a budget that presents an integral and overcoming solution.

Systems for companies

Focusing on your goals and preferences, we offer an analysis and programming service that simplifies the interaction with the system, both the users and the customers as well as the administrators.

Solutions designed to simplify tasks

We propose to invest in a solution that suits your company to really meet your needs and accompany your growth by being 100% scalable.

¡Listo! ponemos tu software en línea para que lo disfrutes.

Luego podrás pedirnos todas las modificaciones y agregados que necesites.

Tecnologías que usamos

Obtenga las ventajas competitivas
de los sistemas a medida de su necesidad.

Tenemos todo lo necesario para que puedas enfocarte en lo que haces mejor: impulsar tu negocio.
100% custom-made systems

From the functional analysis of the needs of your company, we design systems that increase the efficiency of daily management and simplify its control.

Systems for small businesses

You do not need to be a big company to have a bespoke system. We create effective and economical software solutions for small businesses.

Analysts, designers and programmers

Every customer is very important to us. That s why we provide specialized support with telephone assistance and emergency plan for immediate resolution.

Agile methodologies

We apply software engineering methods based on iterative and incremental development, where the requirements and solutions evolve over time according to the need of the project.

Teams of Specialists

Analysts, programmers and designers who have been working together on multiple projects. In this way the client puts his requirements in the hands of a team with a system of work secured.

Independent or integrated modules

ERP and CRM to measure, Production and Stock Management, Sales Management, Collection Management, Purchasing Management, HR Management, etc.

Virtual Infrastructure

Implementation, configuration and maintenance of dedicated virtual servers specially prepared for your systems

We are your technology partner

Focus on your Core Business, we take care of the development, maintenance and technical support of your systems.

Embedded Mobile APPs

We integrate Mobile solutions for Android and iOS to your system. Control your company and receive notifications at any time / place.

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